Going Crazy

I could have sworn I posted my WIPpet post yesterday, yet when I went to look for it today it had vanished.

How odd.

I remember writing it, tagging it, placing it in a category, sharing it to Twitter, and posting it. Yet it apparently doesn’t exist anywhere.

Perhaps I’m going crazy.

Anyway, yesterday’s WIPpet is a relatively generous (compared to the alternative) 4 paragraphs from the start of chapter 14.

Through the lank strands of hair obscuring her face, Taura scowled at Tonio’s optimistically beaming face. He had appeared so suddenly she hadn’t even had an opportunity to prepare herself, her view one moment the campsite, and then the next his irritatingly familiar grin. It was, admittedly, a less mundane view, but also a less welcome one. Tonio wasn’t phased by her icy reception, but then again the way he was shifting his weight from foot to foot hinted that he was perhaps too nervous to have noticed.
“I brought you some food.”
A jumbled plate of the food in question was propelled towards Taura, almost covering Tonio’s eager grin from her view completely. Almost.
“Come on. You must be starving. We’ve been walking all day.” She could feel the desperation radiating from him as he pushed the plate towards her once again. Hoping the treacherous rumbling of her stomach wasn’t loud enough to give her hunger away, Taura stared through Tonio and returned to surveying the campsite. She didn’t need any of his food, and she most certainly didn’t want his sympathy.


14 thoughts on “Going Crazy

  1. Sometimes it feels like blog posts just vanish without warning into another dimension entirely. Maybe it’ll come back when your back’s turned, just to confuse you…

    Tonio seems almost puppyish, but if they’ve been walking all day I can see why she’s so irritated with him. Nothing worse than chirpy people who don’t seem exhausted enough.

  2. I thought I posted mine, early Wednesday, before I went to sleep – but, poof! I remember, because I was Number 3, and that’s my favorite number, so I was happy about it.

    When I woke up? Nuttin’ Just not there. =)

    Anyway, I think Taura’s expending a lot of energy with the vigor of her avoidance. Might be good to fuel that ire with food, even if it comes from Tonio…

  3. Awww puppy! I mean that in a good way. I want to pet him and give him a treat for a good effort. I love the tension between them. Irritatingly familiar. Hah. I know that one. Good job putting so much across is so few words. I’m interested to know how this little interaction turns out.

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