2017 Goals

2017 Goals:

  • Complete a full novel draft (write, revise, send to betas, edit)
  • Write something every day
  • Read 30 books across 6 different genres
  • Write a review for every book read during 2017
  • Get back into a regular blogging schedule and build audiences
  • Continue to develop world building and story ideas

Round 2 Goals (April 2nd – June 22nd

  • Begin the first draft of Blood of Queens
  • Read 9 books across at least 3 different genres
  • Blog x6 per week across both blogs
  • Create character profiles and pinterest boards
  • Establish world layout, major locations, and pinterest inspiration boards for Blood of Queens world

Round 3 Goals (July 3rd – September 20th)

  • Finish Blood of Queens draft
  • Revise BoQ with help of critique partner(s) and get ready to send out to beta
  • Read 17 books
  • Keep up blogging and IG schedules
  • Continue fleshing out world of BoQ



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