WIPpet Wednesday

If you saw my post on Sunday, you'll know that writing  has ground to a temporary pause as I deal with everything else in my life. As a result, this WIPpet is old, and I might have shared a bit of it before. But hey, the things we do. WIPpet math is easy, 5 sentences … Continue reading WIPpet Wednesday


A temporary pause – ROW80

I'm admitting temporary defeat. Last week, I did not achieve my writing goal for the week. I did not snowflake up to a paragraph, I barely even thought about writing. My non-writing life is definitely taking priority right now. My postgrad work is taking up a lot of my time, and my partner and I … Continue reading A temporary pause – ROW80

An Efficient WIPpet Wednesday

The past seven days have gone SO quickly, I can't believe it's already Wednesday. I've achieved so much since last Wednesday, which, for once, actually included some writing work! I'm currently trying to decide between two novel ideas to work on, so I thought what better way than to combine WIPpet Wednesday with a 'please-help-me-pick-my-idea' … Continue reading An Efficient WIPpet Wednesday