WIPpet Wednesday

Well, here we are. It's already Wednesday. I'm so busy at the moment with postgrad, and the weeks are flying by so quickly. Which usually means that it gets to Wednesday afternoon and I'm like "shit, I need to put up a WIPpet". I'll be honest, today is one of those days that I could … Continue reading WIPpet Wednesday


Prioritising Writing and Rejoining ROW80

For the past few months (who am I kidding, few years) I've been really bad at prioritising my writing. Between being super busy and not feeling particularly inspired, my writing has definitely fallen by the wayside a bit (ok, a lot). I love writing, but for a while now I just haven't felt myself being … Continue reading Prioritising Writing and Rejoining ROW80

Another Top 5 *Insert Convenient Day of the Week Here*

This week has been MAD, but I'm still determined to get out my goal number of blog posts per week. That means today you're all being graced with the prompt for this week's Top 5 Wednesday (which is obviously not today): Top 5 Auto-Buy Fantasy and Sci-Fi Authors*. *I actually have very few true auto-buy … Continue reading Another Top 5 *Insert Convenient Day of the Week Here*