A Successful July

This July, I reread Harry Potter for the first time since I was younger. I loved Harry Potter when I first read it, but I don't think I ever actually reread them (at least not the later three books) after they first came out. I've watched the movies plenty of times, but for some reason I never got … Continue reading A Successful July


Book Hangover Peril

There's nothing more dangerous than finishing a good book. One minute, you're speeding through the final 50 pages, desperate to find out what happens, heart racing, the next, it's all over. Done. Ended. What next? The fear of the book hangover (when you finish a really good book and end up in a mini-slump just … Continue reading Book Hangover Peril

In Defence of Hybrid Houses

I am a proud Slytherclaw. I'm just going to come right out and say it. My official Pottermore house is Slytherin, but I get a mixture of Ravenclaw and Slytherin on most quizzes, and feel almost equally drawn to both houses. I know some Potter-heads are strongly against hybrid houses. But hey, we're talking about … Continue reading In Defence of Hybrid Houses