Somewhat Successful – ROW80 Check In

My first week back into the swing of things with ROW went alright. Not a fabulous success by any means, but baby steps.

I’m writing this quite early (2:30pm), and who knows, I might have a burst of productivity this evening and get everything else done.

But let’s not get too optimistic.

So, how did I go with my goals?

Rewrite chapter 14 of Rebellion: Complete. I feel like my month off writing really helped me clear my head and work out the direction I wanted the story to go in, so this chapter flowed quite easily. It was great to be back writing and back in the heads of my characters. Hopefully next week will be equally as successful.

Two hours of beta reading on Queen of Hearts: I have not yet done this, but like I said, tonight may see a sudden burst of productivity.

3 blog posts: I only managed two, but that’s a big improvement from 0. I started one on Friday, but never finished it.

Start a new book: I’ve started listening to the audiobook of More Fool Me by Stephen Fry.  I’m about 4 hours in so far I think, and I don’t really know what page that works out to.  I’m really enjoying it, especially having it read by Stephen himself.

2 hours of visual diary work: I also haven’t done this, but remember, we’re hoping for a burst of productivity  tonight!

So, all in all a somewhat successful week.  I achieved the important thing (writing progress) so I’m more than happy!

EDIT: I didn’t have a burst of productivity.


2 thoughts on “Somewhat Successful – ROW80 Check In

  1. Glad to see that you were able to get to the most important goal, but sorry you didn’t have the burst of productivity you needed. Good luck on your goals from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

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