The Not So Glorious Return

Well, January was a bit of a disaster wasn’t it. It was for me at least writing wise. It was pretty damn incredible in almost every other aspect. But, as always, something had to give, and in January it was writing (and everything writing related).

I am, however, determined not to let this get me down. I’ve had a month to get used to life in Edinburgh, and I’ve realised that my initial goals were somewhat optimistic (yes, I am aware we all knew this from the start).  So, there’s been a bit of retweaking and prioritising, but I think I’m back now and ready to give Round 1 another shot!

Round 1 Goals (adjusted)

  • Finish rewrites of Rebellion for alpha reader (31st March)
  • Get half way through Queen of Hearts beta reading
  • Blog three days a week on Rachel Also Writes’
  • World building in visual diary
  • Read 6 books

February Goals:

  • Write 1 chapter per week of Rebellion
  • Work on Queen of Hearts for 30 minutes each weeknight (Mon-Thur) after dinner
  • Post here three times a week
  • Read two books
  • Work on visual diary for 30 minutes each weeknight (Mon-Thur) after dinner

Week Goal: 1st-7th February

  • Rewrite chapter 14 of Rebellion
  • 2 hours of beta reading on Queen of Hearts
  • ROW update, WIPpet, and book review posts
  • Start a new book
  • 2 hours of visual diary work

This time things should go better….I hope…


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