Being Careful – WIPpet Wednesday

I’m still in a bit of a slump this week, but I’ve managed to produce at least at least a little bit of writing since Monday.

Today’s WIPpet math is nice and simple: 4 paragraphs for the 4th of August, because as usual I’m a day late.


“You can’t trust everyone.  Andre certainly doesn’t. I thought you would have learned that by now…”

“Since my mother, you mean?” Taura raised her eyebrow.

Arrian’s face fell. “I didn’t mean that, Taura. You know I didn’t.  I just meant…”

“I know.”  She cut him off. “I need to be careful.”

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Actually On Time – WIPpet Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and I’m actually posting my WIPpet tonight instead of some point on Thursday which, thanks to time differences, usually manages to be Wednesday for the rest of the world (which is how I get away with these things). It feels nice being on time for once, a sort of good omen (if you believe in those types of things).

Thank you all for your lovely helpful comments on last week’s WIPpet regarding POV switches within chapters. It’s made me feel a lot more reassured going forwards with rewrites that I don’t need to force out an extra scene or two so that the entire chapter is dedicated to the one POV, instead I can write things more chronologically/as they come to me. Hopefully this will help the drafting process go smoothly! (It also takes me back to my roots with the earliest draft of Rebellion, which feels nice).

Now, enough rambling and onto the WIPpet! Seeing as it went down so well last week, I thought I’d share a bit more of Rolando’s opening scene. WIPpet math is 7 paragraphs for the seventh month!

“They can’t wait to leave,”  Rolando muttered, turning away from the bridge and the city.  His eyes met Aleksian’s, who had been standing slightly behind him, frowning. “What?”

Aleksian chose his words carefully, speaking slowly.  “Did he come?”

Rolando’s lips pursed.  “You know the answer to that.”

“I really thought he would be there.”

Rolando shrugged, his clenching fist giving away his anger.  “I held no such hope.”

Aleksian sighed, placing his hand comfortingly on Rolando’s shoulder.  “You were friends once, not so long ago.  I thought he might have come because of that.  Or at least to honour that.”

Snorting, Rolando shrugged off Aleksian’s hand, striding forwards back towards the throne room.  “That’s exactly why he didn’t come.”


New Beginnings: WIPpet Wednesday

Here we are, the first WIPpet Wednesday of July! …And I’m posting on a Thursday. I mean, is anyone surprised?

July has signified a bit of a new beginning writing-wise for me. I’m still working on Rebellion (although it’s now no longer called Rebellion, it’s called Centuries), but it’s been revamped a bit with some plot changes and even more rewrites.

I’m feeling really inspired, but I’m also encountering some creative difficulties.  For example, should I dedicate separate chapters to each point of view, or have multiple POVs within the one chapter? Advice?

Considering this, I thought it was appropriate to share the opening of Centuries with you (or at least the very early initial opening).

WIPpet math is easy: 7+7 = 14 sentences. Easy.

He felt safer now that the throne room was empty. It seemed that only a few moments ago it had been filled with courtiers and guards, all present to watch the coronation of their new king beneath the rays of the first sun of spring.  But hours had passed, the hall had cleared, the sun was setting, and Rolando sat alone on the great stone stairs leading up to the throne. His throne. It stood high above him at the top of the great staircase which wrapped around its pillar, carved from the same deep stone as the rest of his mountain palace, and guarded by two, amber-eyed panthers.  Next to him sat his crown, plucked from the corpse of his predecessor moments before she had been turned to ash and her soul released to seek the Afterworld.  He had removed it the moment the crowd had cleared and his guards had been dismissed, relieved to have his neck and shoulders free from its weight.  After glaring at it for a long moment, Rolando returned to staring out through the slanted arches that opened onto the rocky outcrop that formed a balcony and, beyond that, the sky.  Evening had arrived, and the sun that had earlier played such a central role in his coronation now stained the sky red and purple as it dipped below the horizon. There would be no moon to replace the sun.  Once those watching the sky would have seen it as an omen, but such people were long gone, and their superstitions had, for the most part, vanished with them.  Some of their faces watched him from the fresco painted onto the stone above the arches, scenes of triumph and loss, a tapestry of the past.  Rolando wondered why no one had replaced their artwork with scenes of their own history.  They were a lost people, lost from all but the legends, and yet they survived in their art, frozen in time upon the stone they had carved.

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WIPpet Wednesday: How Did We Get Here?

I turn my back for one moment and Week 9 of the semester appears out of nowhere and starts running into the distance flailing and screaming something about incoming deadlines. The second week of May is with it, shouting that I’m supposed to have made more progress with my rewrites and that I’m 5 books behind schedule for my Goodreads Reading Challenge.  The days and weeks all go by so quickly with so little variation that I’m beginning to lose track of them.  I mean, I know what date it is thanks to my diary/phone/laptop/calendar, but the meaning behind that date has all but disappeared.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still being super productive and getting A LOT of shit done (both on the writing and non-writing fronts), but I feel like this year is hurtling away from me a lot faster than I expected it to.

How rude.

Anyway, you’re not here for my complaining, you’re here for WIPpet Wednesday.  Sorry to all my WIPpet friends for being absolutely awful and visiting you all, life has just been so busy that I’ve genuinely forgotten.  Your lovely comments make my week though, and I’ll do better this week!

Today I have a long one, 11 paragraphs for the 11th.  This is a shiny new draft of a chapter that was causing me some issues (what’s new, it is Taura after all), so I’d really love any/all feedback!

“Istka wasn’t impressed at how late I was to archery practice.”

“So I heard.”  He chuckled, shepherding her away from the bustle of the stables and into the small room that had been set aside as a quasi-office.  “I’ve been ordered not to keep you from lessons again.  Or Toran, although I must say that I wasn’t aware I had kept him from anything today.”

Taura shrugged.  “You know he always waits for me so I don’t have to ride out alone.  I always thought you and Andre would be pleased with such protective behaviour.”

“Don’t flatter yourself.”  Toran strode into the small room, his sword clinking in its sheath by his hips.  She felt a pang of jealousy.  She had a small dagger, gifted to her by Sven, probably without Andre’s knowledge, but she knew Andre would never let her own a sword, let alone walk around carrying it.  “Istka just scares me shitless.  Didn’t want to face her without you.”  He scrunched Taura’s hair, pulling strands free from the two braids she had plaited it in for the journey.  “You’re my protector.”

Despite herself she grinned, butterflies spinning in her stomach.  Toran didn’t need a protector, especially not her.  She was over a head shorter than him, and she knew from experience that he could easily lift her into the air and lower her back down again.  Still, the praise made her smile and flush.  Toran was a few years older than her, and rather handsome.  Although she didn’t plan on admitting that second bit any time soon.  Instead, she frowned at him with mock disgust.  “Why are you here?”

He poked his tongue out at her before bowing his head to Sven.  “Sir.”

“Ah Toran.  Ready for the voyage?”

“Is Toran coming with us?”  She tried to keep at least some of her excitement from her voice.  The last thing she needed was to sound too eager in front of either Sven or Toran.

“Yes.  We need someone to keep you company.  You’ll be on a different ship than us for the journey across the Straits.”

“For safety.”  Taura rolled her eyes.  “Of course.”

Toran raised his eyebrow.  “So you haven’t told her?”

WIPpet Wednesday: It’s Thursday

I know I’m posting this on a Thursday, but hey, life is busy and this will have to do.  My graduation from my Bachelor’s degree was yesterday, and whilst it was exciting it was also a very long day, and I was too exhausted last night to think about blogging.

After last week’s short WIPpet I’ve got a longer section for you all today, from Taura’s point of view.  It corresponds to the date because I wrote it today.  As usual Taura’s chapters are giving me a bit of trouble, and this will form part of the re-write of her first chapter.


“Well what, Taura?”

Scowling, she motioned towards the waiting horses, already laden with saddles and packs.  “Are we going?”

“This isn’t a good idea.”

Taura rolled her eyes.  “You never think anything is a good idea.  If it were up to you I’d be stuck here forever so that Andre can treat me like a child.  I want to see Taneka.  Visit the cities.  I want to help!”

Sighing, Toran stepped aside.  She pushed passed him without another word and swung onto the back of one of the horses.   He turned to follow her, pausing once he reached his horse.  “I still think you should stay here.  It’s safer.”

“I’ve had enough of being safe.”

WIPpet Wednesday: A Quick One

It’s Wednesday again, and that means it’s time for another WIPpet!

In case you’re new around here, WIPpet Wednesday is the weekly blog hop hosted by Emily Witt where writers share snippets from their works in progress that somehow correspond to the date. Everyone is really awesome, so go over and check them out!

Today’s WIPpet math: 13 + 4 = 17 which gives you 17 words.

“You can’t go back to your quarters Rolando.  Not yet.  Not until they’ve been searched and secured.”

WIPpet Wednesday: I’m Late


I know it’s Thursday. I know that means I’m late.  I know.  But shh. It’s ok. It’s fiiiiiiiine.

I want to have a reason for being late this week, but I don’t really have one aside from last night we went out for dinner because this evening A’s parents left for 6 months in Europe and I spent all Wednesday in bed with the last clutches of a headache feeling decidedly unproductive.  Is that an excuse? Go with it, ok.

Anyway, I’m late, but I’m here, so it counts.

Today’s WIPpet math is 7-4=3, which gives you 3 sentences.

The cobblestones of the Depths always seemed to be wet, even if the day had been dry.  She suspected it wasn’t just water that made the stones so damp and slippery, but she knew better than to investigate.  The stones, like everything else in the Depths, were better left alone.

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