A Return to Old Friends – WIPpet Wednesday

I did post a WIPpet last week, but I was so busy that I forgot to add it to the linky thingy! Oops. Sorry about that! For this week, I decided to return to my faves, Fier and Aeris. I'm thinking about going back to this WIP with a bit of a fresh headspace, and … Continue reading A Return to Old Friends – WIPpet Wednesday


Need To Know – WIPpet Wednesday

As I've been getting back into writing, and starting on a new project, I've been trying to write down any little snippets that spring into my mind, even if they don't immediately related to what I'm up to plot-wise the moment they appear. Today's WIPpet is one of those. It actually happens MUCH later on … Continue reading Need To Know – WIPpet Wednesday

Contextless Intrigue – WIPpet Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, everybody! I have been having a decidedly stressful, meh week. But that's ok, because these things happen and I'm still here and well and safe and happy. Today I have a whopping 19 words for you, because 22-3=19. As with everything I'll be sharing for the next few weeks, this is a little … Continue reading Contextless Intrigue – WIPpet Wednesday

Going Along Smoothly – Update and WIPpet

I think I'm starting to slip into an almost routine. Things are a bit up in the air life-wise at the moment, so it's really nice to have some routine to keep me grounded. On top of my ROW-related routines, I've also started doing pilates every day (except Sundays, Sundays are for pub roasts) and … Continue reading Going Along Smoothly – Update and WIPpet