Trying my Best – WIPpet Wednesday

I haven't done any writing. I just haven't found the energy or the time. So we'll see. I do have a WIPpet though. It's ROUGH, so be gentle. 12 paragraphs for the 12th (because I'm a day late, of course). "You want us to cooperate with her." Aeris gestured to where Mira was standing, her dress … Continue reading Trying my Best – WIPpet Wednesday



I wish I could start this WIPpet Wednesday gushing about how productive I've been and how many words I've written. But I can't. I'm under pressure to get all the paperwork etc. for my 6 month review of my Masters done, I've been travelling a bit to check up on family, and, most recently, our … Continue reading Marriage

Newness – WIPpet Wednesday

Hello WIPpeteers! I have returned (hopefully for good this time). Turns out juggling a research degree with literally anything else is extremely difficult. But no time for that, I'm here, and it's Wednesday, and I have something new. That's right, Rachel Also Writes has actually been also writing. I know, the shock almost killed me too. I've … Continue reading Newness – WIPpet Wednesday

An Efficient WIPpet Wednesday

The past seven days have gone SO quickly, I can't believe it's already Wednesday. I've achieved so much since last Wednesday, which, for once, actually included some writing work! I'm currently trying to decide between two novel ideas to work on, so I thought what better way than to combine WIPpet Wednesday with a 'please-help-me-pick-my-idea' … Continue reading An Efficient WIPpet Wednesday