Just as I've committed to getting back into the swing of things, sheer madness as descended. Admittedly, I've known about this upcoming madness for months now, so really I have no excuse. It hopefully won't hinder my creativity too badly (fingers crossed) but it's definitely something to contend with. That madness, by the way, is … Continue reading Madness!


Writing Talk: First Drafts DO Matter

Almost everyone who has ever written anything has some advice to give other aspiring writers. From the cliches ("kill your darlings") to the genuinely useful ("don't rush"), there seems to be writing advice wherever you turn. Some of it, however, is just downright unhelpful. The worst writing advice I've ever received is "first drafts don't … Continue reading Writing Talk: First Drafts DO Matter

Tag Tuesday – Series I (Probably) Won’t Finish

I’ve been watching a fair bit of YouTube recently thanks to my ‘I’m really bloody tired leave me alone’ slump, and I’ve seen quite a few booktubers film either the ‘series I probably won’t finish’ or the ’series I don’t plan on reading’ tags. They’re videos I really enjoy watching, and they’ve inspired me to … Continue reading Tag Tuesday – Series I (Probably) Won’t Finish