Favourite Characters

Another post inspired by the #readwriterepeat booktag over on Instagram. The prompt for Wednesday was "favourite character", and it got me thinking. Obviously, picking a favourite character (or even multiple) from all the books I've read is pretty much impossible, so many of them have wonderful characters. But I figured for today I'd list just … Continue reading Favourite Characters


Writing Talk: First Drafts DO Matter

Almost everyone who has ever written anything has some advice to give other aspiring writers. From the cliches ("kill your darlings") to the genuinely useful ("don't rush"), there seems to be writing advice wherever you turn. Some of it, however, is just downright unhelpful. The worst writing advice I've ever received is "first drafts don't … Continue reading Writing Talk: First Drafts DO Matter

Tag Tuesday – Series I (Probably) Won’t Finish

I’ve been watching a fair bit of YouTube recently thanks to my ‘I’m really bloody tired leave me alone’ slump, and I’ve seen quite a few booktubers film either the ‘series I probably won’t finish’ or the ’series I don’t plan on reading’ tags. They’re videos I really enjoy watching, and they’ve inspired me to … Continue reading Tag Tuesday – Series I (Probably) Won’t Finish

Writing Talk: Points of View and Perspective

When it comes to POVs in writing, people usually fall into one of two categories: 1) less is more, or 2) the more the merrier. I firmly belong to the second category. Almost everything I've ever written has consisted of multiple POVs. Seeing as I usually write politically-driven fantasy with quite complex plots and subplots, … Continue reading Writing Talk: Points of View and Perspective