Writer’s Block

These past few months, or, if I'm honest, the past few years have been defined for my by some pretty severe writer's block. And although I'm slowly breaking out of it, I still have a really long way to go. I think, for me, part of the challenge comes from the fact I am a … Continue reading Writer’s Block


Slow and Steady – Goals Update

Slow and steady, right? That’s what everyone always says. Well, this month has definitely been slow and steady. I’m not sure if I had a bit of a virus, or I overworked myself and my body just gave up, but I’ve been EXHAUSTED the past fortnight. Like, serious exhaustion levels. Which don’t typically result in … Continue reading Slow and Steady – Goals Update

Overly Ambitious – ROW80 Check In

I'm already uploading this late. It's almost Tuesday, but today was a bit of a write-off. I have pretty severe, ongoing shoulder/neck/tension headache problems, and today I was struck with a particularly bad one. Also I spent a lot of today watching Shadowhunters on Netflix instead of achieving things so... Last Week's Goals Add min. … Continue reading Overly Ambitious – ROW80 Check In