A Speedy WIPpet

This week started off feeling crazy hectic, and things haven’t improved by Wednesday night. Let’s be real – my only day off (Monday) was a total write-off due to a tension headache of doom, and juggling lots of working (like, this week we’re talking minimum 5 hours per day, 6 days a week) with bootubeathon, CampNano, general life, and everything else I thought about achieving this week is…well…interesting.

That said, I have been making progress this week, particularly in the writing department. Which brings us neatly onto WIPpet Wedesday.

WIPpet math: 6-2 = 4 lines.

“Ah,” Aeris grinned, “I may have concocted a solution.”

“For the last time, Aeris, I don’t care what I agreed to whilst drunk, we are not escaping the embassy by climbing down the walls using our sheets as ropes.”

“That’s not what I had in mind, Fier.” Aeris raised an eyebrow. “Although, if you-”

“No.” Fier cut him off firmly. “No climbing.”

I love these two too much and it’s just ugh. Is it normal for a writer to love their characters this much?


5 thoughts on “A Speedy WIPpet

  1. Entirely acceptable to love your characters this much. I have a crush on one of mine. A few of mine. They’re real, I tell you!

    These two guys are pretty funny, how could you not love them?

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