7 Things Booktube Makes Me Want To Do

Buy just literally all the books. Even books I’m not necessarily interested in reading. JUST ALL THE BOOKS.

giphy (6).gif

Ship all my books from Australia over to Scotland because I want to read them.


Spend all my money on Ikea bookshelves and fill them with all my new books. A WALL OF BOOKS.

Dear bae this is our future love you

Read all the books at once and set unrealistic weekly/monthly TBRs as a result.

giphy (1).gif

Want to participate in all sorts of ridiculous Readathons and read entire books in one night.

giphy (2).gif

Force everyone in my life to read the books I love so I can yell at them about it.

giphy (3).gif

Hang out in Waterstones and just smell books.

giphy (4).gif

Do you watch booktube? What things does it make you want to do?





3 thoughts on “7 Things Booktube Makes Me Want To Do

  1. omg that picture of all the bookshelves, I could stare at it all day. I don’t actually watch a lot of Booktube but #bookstagram is bad enough for all of these.

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