Rachel Reviews: Clockwork Prince


Title: Clockwork Prince

Author: Cassandra Clare

Genre: Fantasy

Format: Ebook

Date completed: June 28th 2017

Goodreads rating: 4 stars


What I Liked: 

  • Magnus. Duh.
  • Jem. He is so sweet and pure and tragic and wonderful. All of the characters in The Infernal Devices are much more complex than those in The Mortal Instruments, but there’s just something about Jem that stands out.
  • Jessamine. I LOVED the twists of Jessamine’s subplot. I ended up feeling so angry at her, but also so sad. Her story really is tragic, and I hope we get to hear more of it (and more of her backstory) in Clockwork Princess.
  • General character development. All of the characters developed in Clockwork Prince in really wonderful ways, and it’s clear how much Clare has grown as an author. I really enjoyed how she handled Will’s tension and character, though he’s still not my favourite.
  • The second half. Everything (plot, characters, tension) really picked up in the second half, and I loved it. I absolutely raced through the second half.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The pacing. I felt like the pacing slowed right down at the start of Clockwork Prince. In this way, it suffered slightly from middle book syndrome. Although I loved the second half, I found myself pausing every few chapters in the first half to faff around for a bit. I haven’t had this with any of the other Shadowhunter books, so it definitely threw me off slightly.
  • Tessa. I actually quite like Tessa. But she suffers from the same crippling YA condition as Clary: plain and unexciting, but secretly incredible and all the men love her. I understand why, in terms of the plot, Tessa is usual and interesting. But I just can’t understand why Will and Jem are so thoroughly obsessed by her. This is clearly another YA trope I’m growing out of, because all I can think of whenever Will (or Jem, but not so much) swoon over Tessa is BUT WHY?

I can already see why The Infernal Devices are a favourite for so many. The story is just so much more complex, the writing is more mature, and the characters are far more developed. Although Clockwork Prince didn’t grab me with excitement as much as other Cassandra Clare books have, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to read Clockwork Princess. 

4/5 stars


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