A Good Start – ROW80 Check In

All in all, this week was a good one. I did slump slightly towards the end of the week, but I was working full days and not getting a lot of sleep, so I’m forgiving myself for that.

Last Week’s Goals

  • Write 8,000 words for BoQ. I ended the week on 8,494 words! Success!
  • Finish The Infernal Devices/The Bane Chronicles/The Mortal Instruments. I almost completed this goal. I was so close. I just didn’t get around to reading City of Heavenly Fire, because I was really tired and decided to watch YouTube instead. #honesty
  • Upload 2 chapters to CP drive. 
  • Blog x7. 
  • IG x7

This Week’s Goals

  • Add min. 7,000 words to BoQ
  • Finish City of Heavenly Fire
  • Read the Monsters of Verity duology (The Savage Song and Our Dark Duet)
  • Upload 2 chapters to CP drive
  • Blog x7
  • IG x7

How did your week go? How do you manage juggling work/study commitments with writing and reading?


2 thoughts on “A Good Start – ROW80 Check In

  1. That’s great that you were able to achieve most of your goals! I think we should be kind to ourselves sometimes for not being able to achieve some goals, since life can be crazy!
    My main goals have been to post 4x/week and write 1600 words/day for camp nano, both of which have been on track! Work and life does get crazy, but I give myself some leeway during the work week (some days I write 800 words or fewer) and hope to make up for it during the weekend. I draft some posts (like book reviews) in advance during the weekend when I have time.
    All the best for this week!

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