Bad Decisions – WIPpet Wednesday

Before we get into WIPpet Wednesday, I have a question for all of you. Due to my crazy reading spree at the end of June, I have a backlog of book reviews. My question is this: do you want me to keep uploading one per week, or would you prefer I post two a week to catch up? Let me know!

Now onto what you’ve all come for: WIPpet Wednesday! I assume by now that if you’re stopping by here you’re familiar with WIPpet Wednesday, but if not, welcome. Every week, led/accommodated by the wonderful Emily Witt, a group of us post snippets from our current works in progress and link them to this here linky thing. It’s fun. Everyone is nice. Come play. The only rule is that your WIPpet has to somehow correspond to the date, but honestly my WIPpet math is pretty dodgy (or non-existent) and no one has kicked me out yet, so you should be fine.

Speaking of WIPpet math, today’s is a wee bit complicated. Not sorry. So:

(5+7+2+1) = 15 (first sentence) + 27 (2017) (second sentence) = 42 words.

Now you see what I mean about dodgy WIPpet math. Although it did kind of work…

I just really want to share this with you, ok. At the moment this is the opening of my WIP, so let me know if it grabs you!

Aeris was almost certain that he hadn’t meant to get involved in a tavern brawl. He could only be almost certain, though, because he was quite drunk, and he knew he didn’t always make the best decisions after several pints of ale.


4 thoughts on “Bad Decisions – WIPpet Wednesday

  1. I like this short and sweet snippet 🙂 It makes me curious about what the tavern brawl was about, and if there are any consequences…
    I know what you mean about having a backlog of reviews! Right now, I have a few that I’ve written up but haven’t had the chance to post because there is always something else to blog about. I’m also secretly hoping that the reviews may come in handy during this month, since I might not be reading much because of Camp Nano.


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