Establishing Shot: Round 3 ROW80 Goals

Here we go, first day of round three! In what I hope isn’t a trend for this round, I spent most of today asleep or nearly asleep binge watching YouTube videos. Will this round be more productive than today was? I’m hoping so, but you’re just going to have to stick around to find out!

This post is going to be a long one, covering my round three goals, July goals, and finally goals for this week!

Round Three Goals

  • Finish Blood of Queens draft
  • Revise BoQ with help of critique partner(s) and get ready to send out to betas
  • Read 17 books (5-6 books per month). This is the only goal I’m not sure about. I’m currently well and truly out of my reading slump, but whether that will continue is another question entirely. Still, fingers crossed and all that jazz.
  • Keep up blogging and IG schedules
  • Continue fleshing out world of BoQ

July Goals

  • Write 31,000 words for BoQ. I have signed up to do CampNaNo with a few of my AdelNaNo buddies, so hopefully that will keep me motivated. That said, it’s the end of day 3 and I haven’t written anything, but there’s always tomorrow.
  • Finish Shadowhunters books (not necessarily The Dark Artifices)I am so in love with these books it’s ridiculous. At the moment, my current thinking is to save The Dark Artifices for if I hit another reading slump, because I know I’m going to love them. I’m also pretty on the fence about Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, so we’ll see. Even with those out of the way, that’s at least 3 books to read.
  • Read the Shades of Magic series and the Monsters of Verity series. Victoria Schwab is coming to Edinburgh at the start of August, and I still haven’t read any of her books. So, July challenge is to remedy that. 5 books. I believe I can do this! 
  • Upload 6 chapters to my CP drive. I was so behind last month, so I want to make up for it.
  • Upload 31 posts to Instagram. I’m not following any specific tags this month (yet), but I’m still going to try and get up a post every day. If you’re not already following me, I’m just @rachelalsowrites
  • Post 7 blog posts per week (x4 here, x3 on WanderingsandWonderings). I have SO many book reviews backed up, as well as a fair few writing based topics I want to talk about, so expect a steady stream of content from me this month! 

This Week’s Goals

  • Write 8,000 words for BoQI (obviously) missed the first day of CampNaNo, so as always it’s time to play catch up.
  • Finish The Infernal Devices/The Bane Chronicles/The Mortal InstrumentsI’m planning on reading Clockwork Princess tomorrow, The Bane Chronicles on Wednesday/Thursday, and City of Heavenly Fire on Friday/Saturday. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I just get through the books so quickly, so hopefully this will be super achievable!
  • Upload 2 chapters to CP driveI’m rewriting my first two chapters in a different style to see what works better, so hopefully they’ll be up some time this week.
  • Blog x7. 
  • IG x7

So that’s it for my goals for now. I update them every Sunday, but check back throughout the week for even more fun writing stuff. Are you doing ROW80? Let me know, we can be friends!


16 thoughts on “Establishing Shot: Round 3 ROW80 Goals

  1. Your goals list looks so well defined and organized… almost jealous. May you make a LOT of progress on them (especially given that missed first day).

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