June Wrap Up

As far as months go, June was a pretty good one. It was still a bit hectic with job hunting (being an adult sucks), but on the whole it was a vast improvement from earlier months. This is pretty well reflected in my productivity for the month.

June Goals

  • Read 4 books. I wasn’t sure I was going to complete this goal. Then, I discovered the Mortal Instruments, and became obsessed. I ended up reading 7 books this month, which is almost double my original goal. Go me! Ah, update: I actually read 8 books this month. I finished another Shadowhunters book…
  • Write 1 scene a day. I wrote 25 scenes this month. I didn’t write every day, but I ended this month with the almost the equivalent of one scene per day, which was all I wanted. I’ve signed up to do CampNaNo in July with some of my AdelNaNo friends, so hopefully that will spur on productivity even more!
  • Upload 1 CP chapter per weekThe best laid plans and all that jazz. Only two chapters went up, but hopefully one or two will be up on Saturday to get July off to a strong start!
  • Blog x6 p/w. Unlike May, I didn’t have any slip ups this month. I’ve really renewed my love of blogging, particularly on this blog, so I may increase my goal in June!
  • Upload 30 IG postsI’m still thoroughly loving Instagram. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll do another rigid challenge next month, or post slightly more randomly, but I’m loving my bookstagram/writingram, and plan on keeping it up!

 I’ll have my July goals up soon! I’m already excited! May the productivity of June continue into July!


4 thoughts on “June Wrap Up

  1. Woo! Awesome work on your goals. 😀 Writing a scene a day is an interesting challenge. It depends, but often I’ll either do half a scene in a session if its a long scene/short session or multiple scenes. I’d be interested in a blog post on how you work a scene a day into your schedule and how it works for you if you’re looking for blog post ideas? 🙂

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