The Interim – June Goals

Well here we are, round 2 is over, round 3 has yet to begin, and yet here I am with another weekly goals update. I’ve really gotten into the swing of things this round, and I don’t want to lose momentum by taking a few days off. Besides, I still have June goals to achieve!

Last Week’s Goals

If you read my ROW80 round up on Thursday, you’ll know that my first two goals for last week were knocked off easily. I finished City of Glass last Monday, and also got a fair bit of world building done. As for the rest of the goals…

  • Write 9 scenes. Done! The words have been flowing slightly easier this week (touch wood), so this goal was easily achieved (despite being super busy).
  • Read at least one other book. I actually read two other books. Unsurprisngly, they were both Shadowhunters books. I read Clockwork Angel on Saturday, and City of Fallen Angels on Sunday.
  • Blog x6. 
  • Instagram x7. 

This Week’s Goals

  • Write 8 scenesI actually want to write 9 scenes, but seeing as one of those is for July, I figured I’d keep to 8.
  • Upload 3 CP chaptersI don’t expect my lovely CP to read all three chapters straight away, but I really want to achieve this goal.
  • Blog 6
  • Upload the final week of IG posts
  • Read 3 books. This sounds ridiculous, I know, but I’m a bit of a Shadowhunter obsession (I know, I know, I keep mentioning this) and I’ve been reading entire books in one night. So, 3 in a week doesn’t seem all that odd at the moment…

Come back on Friday for my June goals wrap up!


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