The Final Push – ROW80

Well, there are officially 3 days left of Round 2. Seeing as the round finishes before the end of the month, there’s a bit of a split between my Round 2 goals and my June goals (seeing as my June goals continue all the way until June 30th). This means I’ll still be posting a goals check in next Sunday, it just won’t be ROW80 related. We’ve still got 3 days of ROW80 however, so that’s 3 days to rush to the finish and complete all the goals that might still be hanging around unfinished.

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Write 8 scenes. I think I ended up with about 6 scenes. I still wrote a fair bit, just not the 8 I was hoping for.
  • Upload 2 chapters to my CP driveI ended up with one chapter uploaded. Hopefully, I’ll get the 2nd chapter up today or tomorrow.
  • Finish at least one book. I most definitely did not jinx myself last week. I managed to finish three books: Does My Head Look Big In This, City of Bones, and City of Ashes. My review of City of Bones is already up, but basically, I’m currently obsessed with/marathoning all the Shadowhunters books.
  • Do a bit of basic world building. I still haven’t drawn a map or anything like that, but I’m getting a much clearer idea of how everything fits together.
  • Post for all 7 week 2 IG prompts. 
  • x6 blog posts.

All in all, I’d have to say it was a very successful week. Sure, I fell a bit short on my two writing goals, but I still wrote most days, and the fact I finished THREE books in one week (and long books, not short little novellas) makes up for it in my eyes.

This week’s goals will almost be split in two: firstly wrapping up my ROW80 goals, and then continuing to make progress with my June goals. Basically, ROW80 goals are in bold, June goals are normal.

This Week’s Goals

  • Finish City of GlassI have 122 pages left, and I’m planning on finishing it tonight. That will bring my total of books read this round to 9, which was my goal.
  • Focus on settings world building: pinterest, names, basic overviewI’ve written down a few things, and pinned a few images, but that’s about it. This week is the time to change that.
  • Write 9 scenes. I fell a little bit behind last week on catching up, so I need to make up for that this week.
  • Read at least one other book. This will most likely be Clockwork Angel, which is next up on my Shadowhunters TBR, as well as continuing on with Way of Kings (definitely won’t be finished) and Independence or Union (possibly could be finished).
  • Blog x6. I’ve already planned out most of this week’s blog posts, so this should be relatively straightforwards.
  • Instagram x7. I’m still enjoying the Instagram challenges, so expect more of those up over the next week (if you follow my Instagram).

That sounds like a lot to complete in one week, and it is. I’m remaining confident, however. I’ll see you on Wednesday/Thursday for my final check in for Round 2!


2 thoughts on “The Final Push – ROW80

  1. Great job on the goals this week!!! There’s a few of us that continue posting updates through the break. I have trouble taking a break. I’d rather keep the momentum going and stick to a routine that works well for me.

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