A Meeting – WIPpet Wednesday

Here we are, other WIPpet Wednesday. If you’ve stumbled across this by accident, welcome. WIPpet Wednesday is a weekly blog hop where a whole bunch of writers share snippets from their current works in progress that correspond in some way to the date.

Today, in an extraordinary use of actual WIPpet math, we have 20 sentences for the date + the month. Look at me, actually following all the rules.

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t deface my palace.”

Fier jumped, swivelling around to see who had spoken. He was met, alarmingly, with an outstretched stiletto, the point of the blade dangerously close to his neck. At the end of the blade, holding it almost nonchalantly, was the Empress. She still wore her coronation robe, a flowing, twisting robe of deep teal fringed with white lace that seemed to trail like sea foam behind her. It covered only her left arm, leaving her right arm exposed, save for a thin, lace sleeve that disappeared below the folds of fabric. Jewelled chains hung around her head, framing her long black hair with glittering gems. She was, of course, still wearing her crown, and it glinted in the moonlight as well. Raising his hands in alarm, Fier stepped backwards slightly, his back pressing against the balustrade of the balcony. “I meant no harm, your Highness.” He flicked his hand, and the iron returned to its original patterns.

The Empress raised a single, perfectly shaped eyebrow. “Hmm.” She regarded him with green, stormy eyes. Although she was almost a head shorter than him, she seemed to stand taller, back straight and proud. “And may I ask, what is a Metalborn like yourself doing out here?” She motioned around them. “I thought you were all afraid of the water?” Her voice sounded like it was verging on either laughter or anger, Fier couldn’t tell. Judging by her weapon, he chose to go with anger.

Also, a note for those playing along with my ROW80 goals: I finally got that CP chapter uploaded. It only took 2 weeks!


11 thoughts on “A Meeting – WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Oh, my! I don’t think it would be much fun to find myself at the end of the Empress’s blade. I’d probably assume anger too.

  2. She sounds like an Empress who can certainly take care of herself. I think Fier is onto something going with anger as well.

  3. I definitely feel the tension as well! I’m curious about how Fier defaced the palace? And what is a Metalborn? Is this going to be a romance between Fier and the Empress?
    Looking forward to more WIPpet wednesdays 🙂


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