Winding Down or Picking Up? – ROW80 Check In

Well, we’re 10 days out from finishing round 2 of ROW80. I don’t know about you, but I feel like this round has just flown by, leaving me slightly bewildered in its wake. That said, I’ve still got 10 days to smash things out, which is exactly what I (hopefully) plan to do. This week was definitely already a lot more productive, so I think, with less than 2 weeks to go, I’m finally settling into a routine.

Last Week’s Goals

  • Write 10 scenes. I finished the week with 7 scenes. Which is pretty good, considering my output for last month was about 1 scene a week. Still behind on those first three days worth, but I’ve got the whole month to catch up. So I’m counting this as a victory.
  • Upload (chapters 4 and) 5 to my CP drive. I’ve actually started drafting again completely from scratch, so this didn’t happen. I swear on every deity and celestial body known to humankind that I WILL have one chapter uploaded tomorrow.
  • Finish Independence and Union. Honestly, I completely forgot I had this goal…
  • Start another (fiction) book. I actually started two books this week: The Way of Kings and Does My Head Look Big In This? Two VERY different books, but that keeps it refreshing.
  • Post for all 7 week 1 IG prompts. A few double-post days, but still a success.
  • x6 blog posts. 

This Week’s Goals

  • Write 8 scenes. I think it’s going to be easiest to catch up on missed scenes gradually, rather than all at once. So 8 scenes for this week.
  • Upload 2 chapters to my CP drive. One will be up tomorrow. The other should hopefully go up Saturday/Sunday.
  • Finish at least one book. I’m already over 50% of the way through Does My Head Look Big In This, so this should be easily achievable. Unless I’ve just jinxed myself…
  • Do a bit of basic world building. It’s all up there in my head, I just want to write some of it down.
  • Post for all 7 week 2 IG prompts. 
  • x6 blog posts.

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