Scandal – WIPpet Wednesday

Look at me, posting a WIPpet on a Wednesday. Who’d have thunk it, I can actually stick to deadlines (not me, that’s for sure).

Blood of Queens is currently undergoing some pretty serious rearranging, but I’ve already written 1,200 words today so I think it’s working out pretty well. That said, this current scene might not hang around in the new version, but it makes me happy and it fits in well with today’s WeReadYouJune instagram prompt. June is LGBT/Pride month, and today’s instagram prompt is LGBTQ Month. So, it seemed only fitting to feature Fier and Aeris for today’s WIPpet (which is how the WIPpet fits the day, I’m on time, let my WIPpet math be creative).

This section is in the same scene as last week’s WIPpet, which you may have missed because I posted it on Saturday. Go ahead and read both, and let me know what you think of Aeris, Fier, and their dynamic.

“I don’t want to lose you either. I can’t let her win.” Aeris’s eyes still twinkled with mischief, but beneath it his tone was serious.

Fier hit him playfully, wanting to banish the tension his mother had left behind. “And you love me, of course.”

Aeris clutched at heart, feigning disgust. “Love? God no. I’m only in it for the glory of being a scandal.”

Fier pushed Aeris harder this time, laughing as he fell back onto the bed. Fier clambered on top of him, his cheeks flusheing. “Well then, we’d best give them something to be scandalised by.”


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