Family Trouble – WIPpet Wednesday(ish)

Hello, hello! I am well aware that it isn’t Wednesday. In fact, it’s Saturday. Le whoops. I had a friend over from Germany on Wednesday, felt ill on Thursday, and came home from work yesterday and promptly fell asleep. Still, better late than never and all that.

3 paragraphs for the 3rd, because WIPpet maths is a thing I remember to do sometimes.

Sulva scowled. “This isn’t a holiday. Fier is here on official business. He doesn’t need you here distracting him.”

“Mother!” Fier placed himself between Aeris and the Queen. This wasn’t going well. “He isn’t a distraction.”

“Besides,” Aeris poked his head around from behind Fier, his grin venomous, “staging a political coup is hardly official business. Your Highness.” He added, feigning a curtsey.


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