Looking Forwards – May Recap and June Goals

May was an interesting month. I had a lot of ups, but also quite a few downs. This resulted in a semi-productive month, rather than the spurt of achievement I was hoping for. Best laid plans and all that jazz. Still, June is a new month, with new goals, and a fresh start! Let’s hope all that sun brings a bit of productivity with it as well!

May Goals

  • Get half way through Blood of Kings. Goodness, goodness me. This did not happen. Not even a little bit.
  • Upload 1 chapter per week for my CP to read. I ended the month with 3 chapters uploaded to our shared CP drive. That’s 3/4 a success, which is definitely a pass!
  • Read 3 books. I finished the month one short, on two books.
  • Blog x6 per week. On the whole, this was pretty well achieved!
  • Participate in an Instagram challenge on my new bookstagramI had to double post a few days, but I completed an entire monthly challenge and loved it!
  • Continue to add to Pinterest boards for Blood of Kings. 

So that’s a 50% success rate. Not horrendous, but not great either.

June Goals

  • Read 4 books. Seeing as I was one short in May, I need to read 4 in June to stay on track for my reading goal. I’ve got a few potential reads lined up, so hopefully this will go ok.
  • Write 1 scene a day. Slow and steady wins the race, as they say. I’m aiming to write 30 scenes in June, which should equate to around 10 chapters (give or take).
  • Upload 1 CP chapter per week. I slacked off a bit in the final week of May, but hopefully I can regain momentum.
  • Blog x6 p/w. Standard.
  • Upload 30 IG posts. I’ve got two more Instagram challenges lined up to participate in this month, so get ready for lots more pictures over on my Instagram this month!

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