Weekly Check In – ROW80

Last Week’s Goals

  • Upload chapters 3 & 4 to CP drive. Chapter 4 remains a pain in the butt, but at least I got chapter 3 up!
  • Write to chapter 7. This didn’t happen. Need to work on my prioritising for June I think.
  • Try to finish Independence or Union. I actually finished Nevernight (review coming up).
  • Blog x6. I only uploaded 3 blog posts this week. Still in a bit of a slump over on my other blog.
  • Upload week 4 images to Instagram

All in all, another mixed week. May has just been so busy and so draining, and I’ve had a bit of a tendency to procrastinate when I get home from work, rather than actually be productive. This needs to change I think.

This Week’s Goals

  • Write 1 scene per day. 
  • Finish Independence or Union (or another book). 
  • Finish May instagram challenge and look into June challenges
  • Blog x6
  • Upload chapter 4 to CP drive 

Come back tomorrow for my May update and June goals!


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