Choices – WIPpet Wednesday

Chapter 4 is proving somewhat difficult to write. My usual strategy is to push through until something comes out (which I can always fix later), but I’m considering the alternative approach of leaving it blank for now (I know what has to happen) and continuing on with the plot. Advice?

Today’s WIPpet comes from the aforementioned chapter 4.  5 paragraphs for the fifth month! I prefer not to provide context.

“We could run away.” Aeris’s eyes lit up. “Leave all of this behind and start of new life somewhere else.”

Fier shook his head. ‘I can’t abandon my duty, Aeris. My family needs me to do this. My Kingdom needs me to do this.” The words felt stale on Fier’s tongue, and as he spoke his heart screamed out against them.

“Your duty?” Aeris scoffed, pulling away from Fier. “This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with your mother. It’s her fight, not yours. She should never have dragged you into it.”

“Without me, it would be war, Aeris. A battle that would tear the Kingdom apart. They’re my options. Marriage, or war.”

“I’d chose war.”


11 thoughts on “Choices – WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Love this snippet – especially the end. 🙂 As far as skipping the chapter, I say go for it, since you already know what needs to happen. When it comes to first drafts, I’m all about doing whatever it takes to just keep writing. 🙂

  2. Love love love this ❤ I'm having the same problem atm, hence the super lax CP updates (sorry). I often leave a chapter of scene if its not working, ideally with a dot point list of things that need to happen, and come back to it later. 🙂 Writing chronologically is overrated 😛

      1. Argh tell me about it!! Current problem is more of a scene thing though. Every draft this one scene takes me ages to do bc it’s so emotionally draining… Fun times…

  3. I often leave myself notes in red saying [INSERT X HERE] and skip onto the next bit which wants to be written. Love this snippet and that definitely explains why Fier isn’t keen to marry the Empress. Now I’m keen to know more about Aeris.

  4. I’ve left scenes blank before – I just include a note [WRITE *scene* HERE] so it’s easy to go back and find them.

    Great snippet. That last line really packs a punch!

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