Appropriate – WIPpet Wednesday

Mira scowled at her reflection in the long mirror against her wall, fiddling with the heavy fabric of her skirt with her right hand. “I still don’t understand why I can’t wear that?” She motioned with her free hand to Kora, who stood straight-backed in her ceremonial armour. “My mother did.”

Lord Reinar sighed, his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. He had been in that position every time Mira had seen him since her mother’s death, and she sensed that it was at least partially her fault. “Your mother was a warrior, Mira. She helped fight to keep the Bound Kingdoms together. You haven’t done any fighting, my Princess, thank the Goddesses, and so you don’t need armour. A dress is more appropriate.”

Mira stuck out her bottom lip, her dark eyebrows knitting together. “Then why does Kora get to wear it? She hasn’t fought in any wars either.”

“No, but tomorrow she will assume her role as your military commander, as well as your lady in waiting. As such, the armour is appropriate. You, however, are assuming your role as Empress of the Bound Kingdoms, keeper of the peace and overseer of the realm.” He motioned to her dress. “This is the outfit of an Empress.”


6 thoughts on “Appropriate – WIPpet Wednesday

  1. It seems to me that Lord Reinar’s nose-pinching is more than partially Mira’s fault. Doesn’t sound like she’s too keen on the whole situation, though.

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