An Engagement – WIPpet Wednesday

This week is another busy one. I have at least been managing to keep up with my goals, for the most part, particularly my writing goals. Which leads me neatly onto today’s WIPpet.

Today’s snippet is extended from the #TeaserTuesday line I posted on my instagram yesterday. WIPpet math is nice and easy: 10 sentences for the 10th. Context: Fier and his mother (the Queen) have just received a very important letter.

“Her coronation will be held at the next full moon. Invitations will arrive shortly, I assume. Official ones.” He brandished the letter again.

Nodding, the Queen rose from her throne and straightened her skirts. “You best start packing then. I have machines to inspect, and you have a coronation to attend.” She placed her hand on Fier’s shoulder. It wasn’t a kind gesture, more of a stern reminder. “I think it’s time for the new Empress to meet her future husband.”


7 thoughts on “An Engagement – WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Sounds like neither Fier or the Empress have much of a say in any of this. This gives me a really good idea of the Queen, though, just in those few sentences.

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