An Exhausting Week – ROW80 Update

Goodness me I am exhausted. Last week was go go go, and now that I’ve finally had time to stop I’m about ready to sleep for days! Last Wednesday I started at my new job, which was amazing, but the training was quite intense and the days were long. Add on working weekends, and also doing tours, and you get a very tired little introvert. Very content, but very tired.

Last Week’s Goals

  • Write 10 scenes. This did not happen. I had every intention to write when I got home from work training, but the characters wouldn’t cooperate, my mind felt all fuzzy, and it was easier to curl up on the couch with my eyes closed.  
  • Upload chapter 1 to CP drive and prepare chapter 2 for next week. I’m hoping to get chapter 2 up onto the drive tonight, but that’s definitely only a 50% success here.
  • Get Nevernight at least 50% complete. Ok. I’m not DNF-ing Nevernight, but I am putting it aside. I’ve been trying for two weeks to get into this book, but I just can’t. I’m about 100 pages in, and I just really still don’t care. So, in the interest of staying out of a reading slump, I’m moving on. Not sorry.
  • Blog x6. Success!
  • Upload pictures for the first 7 days of the bookstagram tag, plus 1 additional (non-tag related) picture. I’m LOVING bookstagram at the moment. Come over and hang out with me (link above).
  • Continue pinning, focusing on settings and charactersDone.

Considering how busy I was last week, and how much of my evenings I spent lying on the couch with my eyes closed, I’m pretty impressed with how much I got done. Of course, I’ve still got a long way to go before I’m at my ideal productivity levels, but this is still the learning curve stage. Bear with me.

This Week’s Goals

  • Write 1 scene per day. This isn’t a huge goal, but at least that should make it achievable. Seeing as I’m working every day this weeks (tours Monday to Thursday, museum Friday-Sunday), I think one scene a day is a good aim.
  • Upload chapter 2 to CP drive. Hopefully this will happen tonight.
  • Prepare chapters 3 and 4 for CP drive. 1 scene a day will definitely be at least 2 chapters, so hopefully 3 and 4 will be ready to go by next Monday!
  • Read King Rat. I’m fighting the reading slump blues by diving back to a book I absolutely loved the first time I read it. It’s also relatively short, which is nice.
  • Blog x6. 
  • Upload pictures for week 2 of the bookstagram tags I’m taking part in.
  • Work out overall chapter structures and layout for Blood of Kings. This should help with the reading slump, as I’ll hopefully have a plan of what needs to happen in every chapter.

3 thoughts on “An Exhausting Week – ROW80 Update

  1. Wow – that is a busy week. Lying on the couch, eyes closed, sounds like a perfect reaction. And maybe it’ll spur dreams of story….but, if not, at least you’ll rest a bit.

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