May Goals – ROW80 Update

Welcome back! You might have noticed that things have changed around here a little bit since yesterday. I always like to change things up now and again, and with lots of my blogging friends launching new, fancy sites, I decided it was time for a theme update. Let me know what you think, I quite like it, but we’ll see!

We’re now firmly into Round 2. A whole month in, in fact, which means I am well and truly into the swing of things. April was a rocky month (you can read about it more here), but I’m feeling good about May. May has very few big scary distractions, only little cheeky ones that sneak up behind you. If you need a reminder of my Round 2 goals, you can find them here. If not, let’s get into May.

May Goals

  • Get half way through Blood of Kings. I’m currently trying to work out how many chapters or words I’m expecting BoK to be, which will then help me work out how many scenes/words I need to write per day to meet my goal. Stay tuned.
  • Upload 1 chapter per week for my CP to read. One of my favourite humans (both blogging and real life) and I have decided to become Critique Partners, so that we get to read more of each other’s work, and also obviously get all the benefits of a CP in the process. I’m aiming at this stage to have one chapter a week up for her, but that might increase as my productivity sets off.
  • Read 3 books. Pretty self explanatory. For a look at my TBR for May, head over to my Instagram (link in the menu above).
  • Blog x6 per week. Again, pretty self explanatory. I do want to focus slightly more on getting posts up on Wanderings and Wonderings, however. I’m averaging around 1 post per week. For May, I want to make that 2.
  • Participate in an Instagram challenge on my new bookstagram. I have a bookstagram. It is very new. To increase my photo content, and also make new bookstagram friends, I’m planning on completing one of the monthly post-every-day challenges. I haven’t decided which one yet. Feel free to check it out to see how I get on!
  • Continue to add to Pinterest boards for Blood of Kings. I love spending time on pinterest, and I’m always pinning things, so this should be easy.

So that’s May, or what I intend to happen in May. Who knows what will actually happen!

This Week’s Goals

  • Write 10 scenes. For now, it makes the most scenes in my head to divide my writing progress into scenes, rather than words. 10 scenes in one week shouldn’t be impossible, and I’m really going to try and prioritise writing this week.
  • Upload chapter 1 to CP drive and prepare chapter 2 for next week. Chapter 1 has been written, but I want to read over it before I upload it. Chapter 2 should be done by tomorrow (Wednesday at the latest).
  • Get Nevernight at least 50% complete. I’m not actually enjoying Nevernight as much as I thought I would, but I’m only a few pages into chapter 2, so it’s got a lot of time to grow on me.
  • Blog x6. Self-explanatory.
  • Upload pictures for the first 7 days of the bookstagram tag, plus 1 additional (non-tag related) picture. 
  • Continue pinning, focusing on settings and characters. I’ve pinned A LOT of plot related images. Time to get my character boards (particularly for my supporting characters) and my settings up to speed.

I’m feeling confident this week. I was very productive yesterday, my May spread in my BuJo make me happy, and I’m ready to smash out this week’s goals!


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