April Wrap Up – ROW80

Well here we are, the final day of April. I’ve decided to split this post into two sections. Today, I’ll post my April Wrap Up, and tomorrow, I’ll post my May goals for ROW80. 

This Week’s Goals

Write 1,500 words per day. Once again, this didn’t happen. I have no excuses. I simply haven’t been treating writing as the priority it is. I finished the week with 3,947 words towards my WIP, and an additional 1,875 of character interviews. So that’s 5,822 words overall. Not horrendous, but not good either. 

Finish Nevernight. Ok, I didn’t actually finish Nevernight, but I did finish one book this week. I read and reviewed The Virgin Suicides on Friday. 

Blog x6 per week. 

Write character interviews. After a bit of coaxing, I managed to get three of my main characters to interact with the Chronicler (although I didn’t go amazingly well). Two of them were being particularly difficult, so I had to switch to the classic me actually talking to them style. I don’t know if they’ve actually said anything helpful in any of the interviews, but they should at least give you a bit of an insight into their personalities. They’ll be up on the blog over the next month.

Work out settings in more detail and add relevant pins to Pinterest. I decided to put this aside for this month. We’ll see where my characters begin to take me, and go from there in May. 

April Goals:

  • Write 1,500 words per day for a total of 18,000 words. Total: 5,822/18,000
  • Read 3 books from at least 2 different genres
  • Blog x6 per week
  • Write character interviews for Blood of Kings cast. 
  • Work out settings and create pinterest boards. Goal abandoned. 

Round 2 Progress

  • Finish the first draft of Blood of Kings – I remain optimistic.
  • Read 9 books across at least 3 different genres – 3/9 completed. On track.
  • Continue to blog x6 a week across my two blogs – On track
  • Create relatively in-depth character profiles and pinterest boards – Ahead of schedue
  • Establish world layout, major locations, and pinterest inspiration for Blood of Kings world – Again, I remain optimistic.

So that’s where I am at the end of April. Come back tomorrow to hear my goals for May!


2 thoughts on “April Wrap Up – ROW80

    1. Thank you! I really enjoying blogging, so it’s usually the easiest goal for me to achieve. I find it helps to bulk-write when I feel inspired and then store away for the days when I’m not in the mood 🙂

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