Watching – WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome back to this week’s WIPpet Wednesday!

Today’s snippet is 30 words, adding the date (26) and the month (4) together. Another short snippet, I know. They’ll get longer soon, I promise.

Just an FYI, Fier is a work in progress name. Because I’m so terrible at coming up with names, I have a list of names I really like, and if I’m really stuck I borrow one from the list, mix it around a bit, and use that. Fier comes from the name Fierro, which is just such a cool name.

This is the beginning of his very first chapter, which means you don’t get any context!

The newly crowned Empress uttered every word of the oath without stuttering, and turned to survey her subjects. From his spot in the crowd, Fier raised his eyebrows and exhaled.

If you want to join in WIPpet Wednesday, come find us at this linky thing, post your link, and join in the fun!


8 thoughts on “Watching – WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Can’t tell if that exhale is a sigh of relief or possibly exasperation. Intriguing snippet! Also, I agree–Fierro is a very cool name.

  2. I’m ready for more, please!

    Love the name Fier!

    There is a sticker on my former laptop. It says “Muroc” I found it on a bunch of bananas, years back, and knew I wanted it for a name. It took me a long time to find the right character to give it to!

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