Going Ok – ROW80 Check In

This week is the last week of April, which is pretty terrifying. We’re also pretty solidly into Round 2. Well, everyone else is. I’m still getting into the swing of things. But hey, that’s what happens when you plan a two week whirlwind visit back to Australia in the first two weeks of the round. I’m not fussed. 

Last Week’s Goals

  • Write 1,500 words per day, for a total of 7,500 words by Sunday. Yeah, no. This did not happen. I started work this week, and that, combined with jetlag, settling back into Edinburgh life, and a solid case of life-block. I think I ended the week with about 1,500 words.
  • Finish The Golden Yarn. You can read my review here.
  • Start The Celts and Nevernight. I’m only aiming to finish one by the end of the month, but non-fiction books are never as quick to read as you expect, hence the addition of a (rather long) fantasy novel.
  • Catch up on blog posts. Despite only starting on Wednesday, I did manage 6 blog posts this week. Four of them were here, and two over on my other blog, Success!
  • List all major Blood of Kings characters ready for character interviewsTwo of them still don’t have names (I’m SO bad at names), but this is done. Only the major characters, the supporting case will follow at a later date.
  • Make a list of major settings and corresponding plot points. I still have a lot of questions for myself with regards to setting, but I at least have a list of the main places of action for Blood of Kings. 

So, aside from the actual most important part of the goals (aka the writing), this week was a success. Seeing as it really kicked off on Wednesday, I’m calling it a resounding success! Huzzah!

This Week’s Goals

  • 1,500 words per day. Even though I didn’t do much writing last week, I really worked on the plot of Blood of Kings. I now have a pretty solid idea not only of the entire plot, but also of each of the major characters’ plot arc. Hopefully, this should make writing a lot easier this week. I just need to find/make time to write every day.
  • Finish Nevernight. I’m not optimistic about finishing The Celts, because I’m notoriously slow at finishing non-fiction for anything but uni. Then again, I  have a lot of Nevernight left. So, we’ll see. But finish at least one book, that’s the goal.
  • Blog x6 per week. Easy peasy (hopefully).
  • Write character interviews for major characters. I currently have five POV characters for Blood of Kings, and I’m aiming to write their character interviews first. Hopefully, they’ll be talkative and it won’t be too much of a stressful process!
  • Work out settings in more detail and add relevant pins to Pinterest board. I’ve got a list of major settings (they don’t have names yet, ugh names), but there’s a lot I still need to figure out. So that’s this week’s job.

All in all, it looks as though it’s going to be a very busy week. But busy is good, right?


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