Reassessing Already – ROW80 Update

Long time, no speak, blogging world. How have you been? As I suspected, the whirlwind journey back to Australia at the start of April was not conducive to writing, reading, blogging, or any other sort of ROW-related progress. Even though I love reading, and I really do want to be a writer one day, the fact of the matter is that spending time with family and friends I won’t get to see for another 6 months was more important, and will always be more important.

We’ve been back in Edinburgh since Saturday night, and I decided to take the first few days back off from blogging or writing work to settle back home. But it’s now Wednesday, and that means it’s time to get back into things. I’ve decided to slightly reassess my Round 2 goals, and to completely reassess a few of my April goals. Thankfully, because ROW knows I have a life, I can do this without feeling guilty. Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t feel guilty anyway. But still.

Not much has changed for my round 2 goals as a whole, except that I’m now aiming to read 9 books this round instead of 10. This actually ends up working better with my overall reading goal for the year, and gives me a bit more leeway with my reading.

Updated April Goals

Write 1,500 words per day. Seeing as I never actually signed up for CampNaNo or joined a cabin, I don’t feel bad in the slightest changing my goal so drastically. If I write 1,500 words per day between now and the end of April, that will be a total of 18,000 words by the end of the month. This keeps me well and truly on the track to finish the first draft by the end of the round.

Read 3 books (from at least 2 different genres). I’ve deliberately cut out one of the books I wanted to read this month, because it makes my overall reading goals for the year more even. If I read more, that’s a bonus.

Blog x6 per week. 

Write character interviews for the Blood of Kings cast. 

Work out settings and create pinterest boards.

This Week’s Goals: 17th-22nd April

  • Write 1,500 words per day for a total of 7,500 words by Sunday
  • Finish The Golden Yarn
  • Start The Celts and Nevernight 
  • Catch up on blog posts
  • List all major Blood of Kings characters ready for character interviews
  • Make a list of major settings and corresponding plot points

I will check in again on Sunday (I promise) with an update on how this week went. Do you find yourself having to adjust your goals after you’ve made them as life gets in the way?


One thought on “Reassessing Already – ROW80 Update

  1. Oh, yes, I do adjust my goals constantly. But the very act of setting my goals down helps me stay focused and recognize progress. I was entranced by your travel — from Edinburgh to Australia and back again — for these are the settings for my first two books. When we were in Edinburgh for a month a few years back, our 3rd floor apartment looked out over the Writers’ Museum at Lady Stair’s House. Wonderful memories. Re ROW80, I do find it difficult to post both Weds and Sunday, but I don’t want to give up the process of setting goals and measuring progress. Have fun with those character interviews!

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