Madness – WIPpet Wednesday

A quick WIPpet on this sunny Wednesday morning. It’s part of the same scene I shared a few weeks ago between Ilia and Kora (although they may have had slightly different names then). 5 sentences for the 5th of April!

“Well surely we could go another way?” Kora glanced over the ramparts again, then drew back. “This is madness.”

Ilia scowled. “They say it runs in the family.”


10 thoughts on “Madness – WIPpet Wednesday

  1. LOL!

    A thought on the name Ilia… There was a character in Star Trek: The Motion Picture with that name, and she played a rather pivotal role in the plot line. Same spelling, even.
    It might not matter to you at all, but, since she’s the first one I thought of, I wondered if other readers might make the same association.

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