Here We Go – Round ROW80

I had every intention of writing this and posting it on Monday, but that didn’t happen. We arrived in Australia on Sunday evening, and Monday was filled with chats with family, absolute exhaustion, and a 7pm bedtime. Yesterday was more of the same. But hey, here I am, on the first Wednesday of round 2, ready to begin! Because I missed the actual day for posting your Round goals, this is a long one. Sorry!

I’ve decided to split my goals for this round into 3 sections: overall goals for the round, monthly goals that chip away at these big goals, and weekly goals that build into the monthly goals. Nothing revolutionary.

I’ve actually had my goals for this round planned out for quite a while, as they gave me an idea of what I needed to work on in the weeks leading up to Round 2, seeing as I missed Round 1.

Round 2 Goals 

  • Finish the first draft of Blood of Kings
  • Read 10 books across at least 3 different genres
  • Continue to blog x6 a week across my two blogs
  • Create relatively in-depth character profiles and pinterest boards
  • Establish world layout, major locations, and pinterest inspiration for Blood of Kings world

April Goals

The first two weeks of April are a bit tricky – we’re back in Australia, and obviously I want to focus the majority of my attention on catching up with friends and family, rather than hiding away writing and reading. Once we’re back in Edinburgh I start my new job, which will mean a bit of a shift in routine. As a result, I’ve tried to set up my goals to correspond somewhat to my weird month.

  • Write 50,000 words of Blood of Kings. I’ve decided to do Camp NaNo after all, but my way. Rather than sign up on the website, join a cabin, and all of that stuff, I’m just going to use it as a personal goal. I’ve written down my daily word count aims in a little tracker in my BuJo, and I’m just going to shade them in as I go. I enjoy the way NaNo can get me out of a writing slump, but I’m not sure if the community etc (which I know is the whole point of NaNo) quite works for me.
  • Read 4 books (from at least 2 different genres). I’ve really been enjoying getting back into reading, and hopefully having two (well, technically four) long haul international flights in the first two weeks of this month will help me achieve this goal. I’ve already read one book this month, which I’ll have a review up for shortly.
  • Blog x6 per week. I’m not going to try and restrict myself this month to strictly writing 3 posts per week for each of my sites, because quite honestly I don’t always have three post ideas for my travel blog every week. But I like the number 6, because it gives me one day off each week, so I’m going to stick to that, even if I am a bit more flexible with how many posts each blog gets.
  • Write character interviews for the Blood of Kings cast. I really did intent to do this in March, but for one reason or another it just never really ended up happening. This month, however, I’m determined to get these done. I’ll be sharing them on here, probably over the next month or two, but I want to at least get them all written in April.
  • Work out settings and create pinterest boards. I never start writing something with an idea of where it’s set, what the world looks like, or anything like that. I suppose the plot and the characters come before the world. Obviously it’s a pretty important detail though, so I really want to suss that out sooner rather than later. I already have the outline of a Settings board on pinterest, but it’s a bit haphazard and needs some organisation.

This Week’s Goals

The start of this week has, understandably in my opinion, been a bit of a write-off. International flights, jet-lag, and trying to catch up with as many people as possible in four days doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for much else (case in point: I’m writing this at 6am having been up for 2 hours already because of jetlag). Still, I’m trying to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation.

  • Read 1 book, and start a second. As I mentioned before, I finish a book on the flight over here, so that’s done. I still haven’t decided what I want to read next, but I’m feeling some good old fantasy!
  • Reach 11,666 words. This is technically where I’m supposed to be at the end of week 1, according to my little word count tracker. Honestly, I’m not feeling particularly optimistic, as the rest of this week is just as busy (if not more busy) than the start, but I’ll do my best.
  • Write 6 blog posts. I refuse to give up hope. Posting this will bring my count up to 2 (I wrote a travel post earlier in the week), and I’ve still got a WIPpet and a book review to come over here. I’m sure I can find two more travel post ideas, even if they’re just short ones.
  • List Blood of Kings characters for character interviews. Blood of Kings is still pretty new in my head, and as a result I’m still getting to grips with the characters that keep appearing during plotting sessions or whilst my brain is wandering. Having a nice organised list will definitely help when it comes to prioritising character interviews (and working out POVs – ugh).
  • Organise Settings Inspiration board. If I can create the beginnings of a visual collection of what I think the world looks like, I’ll find it a lot easier to properly world build. That’s just how my brain works.


Wow. That was a whopper of a post. Hope you’re all excited for Round 2, let’s see what it throws at us!


4 thoughts on “Here We Go – Round ROW80

  1. Maybe you could do your travel posts on what it’s like to visit familiar places again after living far away, or about family and jetlag, or what to read on a very long flight….

    Sorry. I’ve been up all night, and my brain gets fertile in odd directions. =D

    These seem like great goals. I find it almost impossible to write or blog while traveling, but maybe you will have better luck. On the other hand, I find that I often spew words and ideas at a rapid clip a few days after the trip ends, so there’s that….

    Slices of an Unschooling Life
    Indie Writer, Mom-in-Chief, and Joyful Learning Facilitator
    Shan Jeniah’s Lovely Chaos

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