Floating in the Abyss – ROW80 Update

This week isn’t really an abyss, but it is the little break between ROW80 rounds, which means that things are a little quieter in the ROW world this week.

Last week was a weird week for me, productivity wise. I honestly felt as though I achieved literally nothing, which is absolute nonsense, but there we go. Thankfully, all the ticks in my bullet journal assert that I did in fact achieve things last week. Yay!

Last Week’s Goals

Keep up with bloggingA mixed victory. I only posted once on my travel/lifestyle/whatever blog last week, but I posted here four times. Which is five in total, so definitely not a failure. But not a resounding success.

Develop plot more fullyAnother weird, mixed victory. I do have a more firm idea of the plot, but in terms of actual, tangible plotting, this wasn’t a resounding success. So, a victory, but only just?

Create character interviews/profiles. Nope, didn’t even begin to happen. Oops.

Read The Uncommon Appeal of CloudsDone, reviewed, and reshelved to probably not be read again.

Do something creative every dayThis is the goal I really didn’t feel like I achieved, but looking back I did. Isn’t it funny how quickly we can forget the progress we’re making? Thank goodness for bullet journals and lists, I say. 

4/5 isn’t bad, in fact it’s quite a good success rate. So why do I still feel as though last week was a let down?

Best not to dwell in the past, me thinks.

This week you don’t really need to have specific ROW80 goals, but I’m going to have a few anyway in preparation for Round 2 aka writing round aka let’s get back into this thing round. Woo.

This Week’s Goals

Decide whether or not to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve never done Camp NaNoWriMo. It never really appealed to me as much as traditional NaNoWriMo did. Things have changed in the past year though, and now it’s almost the other way round. I like the flexibility of camp, although I’m not entire sure about the whole cabin system. Can’t I just do Camp like I do group work: preferably alone and without external input? So I’m currently solidly on the fence about camp. On the one hand, it could be a great way to kickstart writing Blood of Kings. On the other, I’ve become increasingly disillusioned with NaNo, so maybe camp isn’t for me. Any advice would be welcome in the comments, if you have your own ideas about NaNo/Camp!

Plot. I’ve tried being a pantser, and it just doesn’t work for me. I like to have a relatively clear idea of where my story is going, so that when my characters decide to go off in a completely different direction I at least know where they need to end up. It’s almost April/Round 2, and that means writing, so this is my last week to get some sort of plotting laid out before writing begins. Woo self imposed deadlines.

Read. Alex and I have two very long flights on Saturday/Sunday (one 8 hour and one 14 hour flight). What are flights good for (aside from increasing upper back pain and irritability)? Reading. I want to finish The Princess Diarist (which I’m listening to an audible at the moment), and perhaps one or two more. I stumbled across the complete Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness in a charity shop for £4.50, so I might give The Knife of Never Letting Go a go.

That’s pretty much it for this week. I also want to keep up my blogging, but I feel like that might be able to go without saying now.

Are you taking this week off for a well deserved creative holiday after Round 1, or are you, like me, continuing to set goals between the rounds?


4 thoughts on “Floating in the Abyss – ROW80 Update

  1. I like to keep up with posting my check-ins even during the breaks. It helps me to stay on routine.
    As for Camp NaNo, I really like it and how flexible you can be with it(as I like the traditional NaNo for not being so flexible. *shrugs* I’m strange). I have a cabin set up and there’s only a few of us in there. We all sprint together on twitter, but you’re welcome to join if you want(and I think you can set it up to not be put in a cabin if you really don’t want to be). We’re a pretty friendly bunch, but not overly talkative. But, we try to be as encouraging as possible.
    I’m not very good at pantsing either. Anything beyond a short story I have to plot at least somewhat(other than the back story novellas I’ve been working on, and I mostly know what happens because of the full stories I’ve written for them).
    Good luck with your flights and reading!

    1. Thank you! I might take you up on your cabin offer, we will see. I think Camp would be great to spring me into action on this new project, because it’s been so long since I worked on something new. April is a weird month for me though, so we’ll see!

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