Contextless Intrigue – WIPpet Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

I have been having a decidedly stressful, meh week. But that’s ok, because these things happen and I’m still here and well and safe and happy.

Today I have a whopping 19 words for you, because 22-3=19. As with everything I’ll be sharing for the next few weeks, this is a little snippet from Blood of Kings (my new project) that I’ve written down in my “Ideas and Scenes” page on Scrivener for me to insert into the appropriate moment when I actually get around to writing it. That means no context, and probably no introduction to many characters either. That will change soon, but bear with me and my intriguing, context-less snippets for a bit longer!

She shook her head. “You’re the brother of the Empress. Does that count for nothing?”

He shrugged. “Not here.”

Who is she? Who is he? You’ll have to wait and see.


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