Late as Usual

Well, there are 28 minutes left of Thursday, and yet here I am for the Wednesday check in and WIPpet update.

I could tell you the story about how we haven’t had internet blah blah blah, which is true, technically. But our internet was switched on at about 2pm this afternoon, so it’s not like I haven’t had the opportunity. I think I’ve just still got my blogging training wheels on after so long away.

Even though I only uploaded my goals for this week on Tuesday, let’s see how much progress I’ve made (hint: not much).

Write 6 blog posts, 3 for this blog and 3 for my lifestyle/travel blog. 3 down (if you include this one), 3 to go. I’ve taken all the photos and started doing the research for my second lifestyle blog, and I’m hoping to get it finished and the other two written and scheduled tomorrow. Yeah organisation!

Get half way through The Amber Shadows. Not even close. I think the weekend will call for a spurt of reading.

Write a little something every day. I haven’t made the best progress with this, but hey, baby steps.

Figure out plot for novel. A Friday-Sunday task.

Organise character pinterest boards. Since we only just got our internet back, this was always going to be a later-in-the-week project.

So, there we go. Not a whole lot of success, but seeing as the goals have been ‘live’ for 2 days, not too shabby either.

Onto the WIPpet.

Last week’s snippet was SUCH a success that I really have no choice but to turn it into something more meaningful. With that said, this follows directly on from last week. 28 words for 9×3.

“I could have you executed for that.” Her voice was cold and detached, but he could see the hurt in her hazel eyes.

“You could. But you won’t.”


4 thoughts on “Late as Usual

  1. Late happens… I was too. Life happens.

    A little bit every day is sometimes all anyone can expect from us. But is IS amazing how much we can achieve in a small amount of time when we go for it and do it.

    As for the snippet… Something tells me that the “But your wouldn’t” might not be as clear cut as all that.

  2. Dun dun DUN….

    Or… will he?

    Welcome back to the internet and ROW80, Rachel. i’d say that’s pretty good for 2 day old goals. At least you have a plan for engaging them!

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