Just to be Consistent: ROW80

As to be expected, this update is coming to you late. Obviously. In my defense our flat currently has no internet, and I haven’t had data on my phone all weekend, so the lateness was inevitable.

With so few days left in this round, I’ve decided to focus on preparing for round 2.

So how did I do this week?

Work out yearly goals: Yearly goals are sorted. You can find them here.

Start reading something again: I’ve just started reading The Amber Shadows by Lucy Ribchester. So far so good. Review coming soon.

Get back into bullet journallingBuJo is coming along nicely. Expect a sneak peak later in the week!

Clear my head when it comes to writingI haven’t necessarily made tangible process with this goal, but I’m still counting it as a success. I’m feeling a lot more positive about my writing, and even have a few ideas. Now to put them into practice.

All in all then, a pretty successful first week!

This week’s goals follow a similar theme to last week’s, all focusing on preparing for round 2.

Write 6 blog posts, 3 for this blog and 3 for my lifestyle/travel blog.

Get half way through The Amber Shadows .

Write a little something every day.

Figure out plot for novel.

Organise character pinterest boards.

It looks like a lot, but they’re all relatively small tasks that I should be able to manage.

Check back on Wednesday to see if I’ve made progress!


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