A Wednesday Update and a Wee WIPpet

How is it already Wednesday? HOW?

If you read Sunday’s post, you’ll know that I am only now getting back into the whole ROW/blogging thing again, after a bit of a hiatus for honours/the holidays/moving to Scotland.

This Week’s Goals:

Work out yearly goals: Honestly, I haven’t even started thinking about it. I’ll do that tonight.

Start reading something again: I also haven’t done this, but I’ve downloaded a few good audiobooks to listen to, so we’re on the way there.

Get back into bullet journallingThis I have started, although only just. Still, a start is a start.

Clear my head when it comes to writing: I had a lightening bolt of inspiration last night whilst watching Top Gear, of all things! So hopefully my brain-clouds are starting to clear!

Check back in on Sunday for a more detailed update!


It’s also been a long time since I psoted a real WIPpet on WIPpet Wednesday. This particularly WIPpet may not go further than this blog post, but hey, it’s a something, and more importantly. it’s here. It relates to the date because today is the first, and this is the first of my fresh starts!

“Would you truly betray your Queen for this…this usurper?” 

 “You were never my Queen. You weren’t even his.”



16 thoughts on “A Wednesday Update and a Wee WIPpet

  1. That’s certainly an interesting snippet! I do hope it goes further than this blog post. I’d like to know why the Queen isn’t actually the Queen (or whatever it really means).

  2. Welcome back! I hope your brain clouds are continuing to clear! I still have no idea what my yearly goals are this year and usually that’s something I’m on top of by December 31.

    Your WIPpet made me go “oooh!” There’s a lot brewing under those two lines.

  3. Intrigued and curious, and -dang, I’ve missed you, Rachel! I somehow missed any and all references you’ve made to this moving to Scotland thing, but – yay, you!!!

    I’m not sure exactly what constitutes bullet journaling. Keep meaning to look it up, and keep getting pulled away by literary and real life plot tribbles….anyway, maybe you’ll be the catalyst!

    And please – more of this snippet! It’s dripping with undercurrent, and has the smell of Really Good Story about it!

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