Better Late Than Never? – Round 1

And with exactly 24 days left of Round 1 of ROW80, I’m here.


To be honest, the past few months have been FAR too insane to even contemplate ROW. I mean, I know the whole point of the challenge is that it knows you have a life, but seriously. Since last July (my last ROW check in), I’ve written a 15,000 word Honours thesis, finished my time at the University of Adelaide, gone back and forth between Adelaide and Victoria for various things, oh yeah, and moved to Scotland permanently. So I’ve been a little busy.



With only two days left of February, things are finally starting to quiet down. We (that is my boyfriend and I) move out of our AirB&B and into our actual adult permanent flat tomorrow. I’m on the hunt for jobs, but unsurprisingly it’s a bit slow and disheartening, because, you know, the economy. On a more positive note, however, this means I should have a fair amount of time for doing productive fun things like writing and reading.

I figured I’d use the next 3.5 weeks to get a start on my goals for the year. I’ve worked out that ROW works best for me if I incorporate non-writing/reading related goals in to the challenge, but I might now always include them in my updates. We’ll see. These next 24 days are a work in progress.

Essentially, my round 1 goal is sort my shit out re ROW80.

With that said, here are my goals for this week:

  • Work out yearly goals. Pretty self explanatory.
  • Start reading something again. Either finish one of the various books I started reading after Honours and then stopped reading after Christmas, or start afresh. Just read, god dammit.
  • Start blogging again. I’ve been getting back into my other blog in little bits, but honestly it’s just been a bit quite. Time to change that. I’m aiming for 4 posts this week, two here, and two on my other blog.
  • Get back into bullet journaling. Admit that my beautiful 18-month Moleskine diary is not working for me. Buy journal for Bullet Journaling, ignoring all the faff on the internet about what’s the best one to use. Set it up for March. Use.
  • Clear my head when it comes to writing. I have been so thoroughly unproductive when it comes to my writing these past few months. I’m hoping that long strolls through Edinburgh with a notebook and some beautiful music might help reignite some of my inspiration spark.

So that’s it for this week. We don’t have internet set up at the new flat, which leaves plenty of time for reading/writing, and plenty of excuses to head into Starbucks or Waterstones to drink hot chocolate and use their free wifi.



2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never? – Round 1

  1. So many people talk about how Moleskine are THE notebooks to use, and yet, I just can’t agree with them. I like a regular 6×9 college-ruled spiral notebook, myself. You need to discover what works best for you.

    A move to Scotland! Wonderful (I think… if it’s what you wanted, then cool!) My son and I are going to the UK in a few months (not quite to Scotland… that’s a different trip, hopefully). I confess, I’m a bit envious.

    Hopefully you’ll get both the job you need and get to keep some of that free time. Until then, read up, keep your curiosity growing.

    1. I don’t mind Moleskine notebooks, but I don’t think they work the best for me in terms of bullet journaling. I guess it’s just trial and error!
      The move to Scotland was definitely what I wanted. Thanks for all your lovely wishes! 🙂

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