A NaNo Break-Through

Well, it’s now officially day 14 of NaNo, but I’ve finally had a plotting breakthrough!


I worked out that essentially all of my problems could be solved by separated what was originally one plot-line/series-line into two related but chronologically separate plots. Sort of like a prequel and then a main series. Now, this change seems glaringly obvious, but isn’t that always the way? You fret over something for days/weeks/months/years, only to stumble across a solution that makes such perfect sense that you find yourself wondering how an earth you managed to miss it for so long!

I’m going to blame post-honours brain. I think it’s still a valid excuse.

So, that’s where I am. 4 minutes past midnight on November 14, with a solution to my plotting problems, a general idea of where the first part of the novel goes, and a whole lot of optimism.

Now, I’m ready for a plan. Tomorrow, I’m going to try and flesh out a bit more of the first half of the plot for my NaNo novel, and work out a timeline that will enable me to finish on time. Usually by this point in November I’ve written the 50,000 words, so I’m remaining optimistic that with 16 days left I can still get it done!

I’m actually enjoying this years more relaxed approach to NaNo. True, it’s been forced upon me due to a lack of motivation, plot catastrophes, and a pretty strong case of ‘I’ve just written a 15,000 word thesis and 11,000 words worth of coursework since March, give me a break woman’-itis. But it’s been refreshing. Rather than stressing about falling behind on words, or just pushing through and writing nonsense that never sees anywhere except for the ‘Written During NaNo But Not Relevant’ folder on my Scrivener project, I’ve given myself the space to think and organically come to the conclusions I need to reach. I can already feel my creativity flowing back after months of it being on hold. Also, let’s be honest, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying two weeks of Netflix, reading, and just not having to do anything. Sometimes, time really is all you need.


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