Oh July – ROW80 Checkin

Well, July was a clusterfuck of a month. In fact, I can’t quite believe it’s already over considering how solidly unproductive I was.


Last Week’s Goals

  • Just write SOMETHING for Blood of Kings.  
  • Finish at least one book – Nope.
  • Write 6 blog posts – Nope.
  • Visit ALL the WIPpeteers and two other blogs – Nope.
  • Make a sizeable dent in my monographs/book chapters for my thesis research
  • Write something for my thesis supervisor (undecided exactly what this something will be).
  • Start typing up my research notes

Ok, maybe last week wasn’t that bad.

Let’s review the month, shall we.

July’s Goals

  • Complete initial manuscript draft (approx. 31 chapters) – I still don’t quite understand WHY I thought this was going to happen…
  • Read 5 books (18/50) – Well, I changed my year goal from 50 books to 25, but I still didn’t actually finish a book this month…
  • Blog x6 a week – Not quite.
  • Thesis research – I’d say this went pretty well.
  • Develop Tanekan world building/culture
  • Develop major characters’ info

Yeah, not exactly a success.

Maybe I’m being too hard on myself though? I’m doing pretty well thesis wise, which I suppose technically is the most important. And we all know that motivation for everything in life (including writing) comes in ebbs and flows)…

August Goals

  • Finish chapter 1 of thesis
  • Start chapter 2 of thesis
  • Begin to draft introduction of thesis
  • Write 50% of Blood of Kings 
  • Finish two books
  • Write 5 blog posts per week

This Week’s Goals

  • Plan (in detail) chapter 1 of thesis
  • Continue thesis research
  • Write introduction section of chapter 1
  • Write 1,500 words per day of Blood of Kings
  • Finish Five Go Off in a Caravan
  • Write 5 blog posts

Are you panicking because July is over? What’s your priority this round? Talk to me!


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