Priorities – ROW80 Check In

I finally made some substantial progress last week. It probably helped that a) I had a meeting with my thesis supervisor on Tuesday and therefore really felt as though I needed to get my butt into gear so I didn’t sound like an idiot and b) I was home all week in the rain dog sitting and therefore had no social interaction to distract me.

I’m still working on balancing my thesis commitments with everything else I want to achieve, but I think that will get there in its own time rather than by me forcing it.

Last Week’s Goals

  • Reach chapter 14 of Blood of Kings or (figuratively) die trying – I didn’t figuratively die trying, I just didn’t quite get around to this. 
  • Finish The Fellowship of the Ring. – I’ve been falling asleep to early recently for listening to my audiobook, and being stuck at home last week dog sitting robbed me of my commute listening time. I am currently half way through Five Have A Wonderful Time though, so that’s sort of reading progress.
  • Write 6 blog posts.
  • Visit at least 3 other blogs.
  • Complete all my thesis research articles. I read 26 journal articles last week. That’s a lot of articles.
  • Continue reading Journey to the Hebrides. – I decided that this wasn’t really a priority just yet.

This Week’s Goals

  • Just write SOMETHING for Blood of Kings. 
  • Finish at least one book
  • Write 6 blog posts
  • Visit ALL the WIPpeteers and two other blogs
  • Make a sizeable dent in my monographs/book chapters for my thesis research
  • Write something for my thesis supervisor (undecided exactly what this something will be).
  • Start typing up my research notes

Any tips for balancing competing priorities? 


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