Actually On Time – WIPpet Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and I’m actually posting my WIPpet tonight instead of some point on Thursday which, thanks to time differences, usually manages to be Wednesday for the rest of the world (which is how I get away with these things). It feels nice being on time for once, a sort of good omen (if you believe in those types of things).

Thank you all for your lovely helpful comments on last week’s WIPpet regarding POV switches within chapters. It’s made me feel a lot more reassured going forwards with rewrites that I don’t need to force out an extra scene or two so that the entire chapter is dedicated to the one POV, instead I can write things more chronologically/as they come to me. Hopefully this will help the drafting process go smoothly! (It also takes me back to my roots with the earliest draft of Rebellion, which feels nice).

Now, enough rambling and onto the WIPpet! Seeing as it went down so well last week, I thought I’d share a bit more of Rolando’s opening scene. WIPpet math is 7 paragraphs for the seventh month!

“They can’t wait to leave,”  Rolando muttered, turning away from the bridge and the city.  His eyes met Aleksian’s, who had been standing slightly behind him, frowning. “What?”

Aleksian chose his words carefully, speaking slowly.  “Did he come?”

Rolando’s lips pursed.  “You know the answer to that.”

“I really thought he would be there.”

Rolando shrugged, his clenching fist giving away his anger.  “I held no such hope.”

Aleksian sighed, placing his hand comfortingly on Rolando’s shoulder.  “You were friends once, not so long ago.  I thought he might have come because of that.  Or at least to honour that.”

Snorting, Rolando shrugged off Aleksian’s hand, striding forwards back towards the throne room.  “That’s exactly why he didn’t come.”



14 thoughts on “Actually On Time – WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Uh oh. I sense there’s a big story there about this former friendship. Though Aleksian sounds more disappointed about it than Rolando.

    I’ve been wondering about POV shifts too, so I’m glad you asked that question. Those were definitely helpful answers.

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