Disaster Struck – ROW80 Check In

So this week, disaster struck. And by disaster, I mean I left my laptop charger in Adelaide when I flew to Victoria.  This meant I was unable to access my writing OR my thesis articles, which set productivity back a wee bit.

This Week’s Goals

  • Complete draft of chapters 1-7 – 1/7. Not even close.
  • Read 1 book – I didn’t finish it, but I have been reading Lord of the Rings
  • Write 6 blog posts – 3/6 completed – today is the first day I’ve been able to access a laptop since Thursday afternoon and WordPress was being funny on my phone.
  • Visit at least 3 other blogs – Sorry.
  • Read at least 7 thesis articles  – I left my hardcopy articles at uni and couldn’t access my electronic versions. Fail.
  • Draw world map
  • Compile/organise inspiration images for Taneka/Carithno – I actually went one step further and organised ALL my settings inspiration images on Pinterest. VICTORY!
  • Compile/organise inspiration images for major characters – Also lovely an organised.

So, not really a success for week one (although the writing section of my Pinterest is lovely and organised). I’m remaining positive though, I’ll just have more to achieve the second half of this week! My WIPpeteer friends gave me some REALLY useful advice on shifting POVs within chapters, so I feel as though the slightly hiccup I encountered has been defeated, and hopefully writing will run more smoothly now.

This Week’s Goals

  • Complete draft of chapters 1-14
  • Continue listening to The Fellowship of the Ring on audible
  • Complete one novel
  • Write 6 blog posts
  • Visit at least 3 other blogs
  • Read at least fourteen thesis articles
  • Begin one thesis monograph
  • Draw world map

I hope you all fared better than me this week with your goals, and that you’re just as enthusiastic for week two!

How do you deal with setbacks in your goals?


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