New Beginnings: WIPpet Wednesday

Here we are, the first WIPpet Wednesday of July! …And I’m posting on a Thursday. I mean, is anyone surprised?

July has signified a bit of a new beginning writing-wise for me. I’m still working on Rebellion (although it’s now no longer called Rebellion, it’s called Centuries), but it’s been revamped a bit with some plot changes and even more rewrites.

I’m feeling really inspired, but I’m also encountering some creative difficulties.  For example, should I dedicate separate chapters to each point of view, or have multiple POVs within the one chapter? Advice?

Considering this, I thought it was appropriate to share the opening of Centuries with you (or at least the very early initial opening).

WIPpet math is easy: 7+7 = 14 sentences. Easy.

He felt safer now that the throne room was empty. It seemed that only a few moments ago it had been filled with courtiers and guards, all present to watch the coronation of their new king beneath the rays of the first sun of spring.  But hours had passed, the hall had cleared, the sun was setting, and Rolando sat alone on the great stone stairs leading up to the throne. His throne. It stood high above him at the top of the great staircase which wrapped around its pillar, carved from the same deep stone as the rest of his mountain palace, and guarded by two, amber-eyed panthers.  Next to him sat his crown, plucked from the corpse of his predecessor moments before she had been turned to ash and her soul released to seek the Afterworld.  He had removed it the moment the crowd had cleared and his guards had been dismissed, relieved to have his neck and shoulders free from its weight.  After glaring at it for a long moment, Rolando returned to staring out through the slanted arches that opened onto the rocky outcrop that formed a balcony and, beyond that, the sky.  Evening had arrived, and the sun that had earlier played such a central role in his coronation now stained the sky red and purple as it dipped below the horizon. There would be no moon to replace the sun.  Once those watching the sky would have seen it as an omen, but such people were long gone, and their superstitions had, for the most part, vanished with them.  Some of their faces watched him from the fresco painted onto the stone above the arches, scenes of triumph and loss, a tapestry of the past.  Rolando wondered why no one had replaced their artwork with scenes of their own history.  They were a lost people, lost from all but the legends, and yet they survived in their art, frozen in time upon the stone they had carved.

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10 thoughts on “New Beginnings: WIPpet Wednesday

  1. I like your beginning. I have one suggestion, though. Instead of using he in the very first sentence, consider using his name, Rolando.
    Just a thought.
    Shalom aleichem,

  2. I use 2 POVs (b/c I write romance) and I usually swap within the chapter. I don’t particularly like going entire chapters with one POV. But it could depend on your characters and how you want READERS to perceive your story. You don’t want readers to know everything right away, you want them to be surprised, you want them to feel, you want them to wonder, you want them to think and predict. (predicting is fun! Predicting keeps people turning pages!) Some POVs know more information at certain points than others, right? So I personally would not change POV more than two times in a chapter, depending on how long your chapters are. If they are VERY long, then swapping POVs more might be okay. But when I read any kind of fiction story, the fun part is getting to know and love the characters. If you change POVs too many times, it takes away from the reader’s ability to build relationships with characters. That’s just my advice as a reader. But play around with it and do what works for you 🙂

  3. I think some of it depends on how many POVs you have (in one of my stories I have six, but I only write them in chapters two at a time, and sometimes only one per chapter).

    I agree with Pat about making the initial “he” into Rolando too. Granted most people don’t call themselves by their names and it sounds like you’re trying to get us into Rolando’s head right away. I still suspect it would work better.

    And now I want to know more about these lost people. 😀

  4. OH! This is lush and evocative, and I can feel a certain reticence in Rolando. I feel like I’ve got a better handle on who he is than I ever have before, just from 14 sentences.

    As for POV – I shift only with new scenes. My scenes tend to run longer than most, I think. A chapter might contain from one to four or even, rarely, five scenes. They’ll all share some common element.

    I hope that helps. =)

  5. I also agree that shifting POV within chapters should be fine, as long it’s clear that the change has happened, and isn’t in the middle of a paragraph or something like that! :p

    I love the excerpt. It’s both a great description and gives some good opening insights into Rolando’s character. Like the new title, too!

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