Third Time’s A Charm: ROW80 Round 3

Well, here we are. Back again for the beginning of another round of ROW80. I always start these rounds with so much optimism and confidence, and usually end them having to admit defeat and that life interrupts even the best laid plans. Still, that’s not going to bring me down, and I’m back with as much enthusiasm as ever (and also a plan).

As with last month I’m going to have entire round goals split into weekly (and perhaps monthly) goals.  I’m also going to bring my little colour code from the real world into the blogging world.  It’s pretty simple:
Pink = writing
Blue = university
Purple = reading
Yellow = blogging
Bold = important
Strike-through = Completed

Round Three Goals (Monday July 4 – Sunday September 25

  • Get WIP novel to beta reading stage (was Rebellion, working title currently Blood of Kings)
    • Rewrite/draft manuscript
    • Edit manuscript
    • Compile and find beta readers
  • Reach 37/50 books read (current status 13/50)
  • Blog x6 a week
    • x3 on RachelAlsoWrites
    • x3 on Wandering and Wonderings
  • Increase my blogging community engagement
  • Reach the final stages of thesis writing
    • Research
    • Plan
    • Draft
  • Continue world-building 
    • Work on visual diaries for Settings and Characters
    • Organise and add to Pinterest boards
    • Continue developing cultures

July Goals (Days 1-28)

  • Complete initial manuscript draft (approx. 31 chapters) 
  • Read 5 books (18/50)
  • Blog x6 a week
  • Thesis research
  • Develop Tanekan world building/culture
  • Develop major characters’ info

Week 1 Goals (Days 1-7)

  • Complete draft of chapters 1-7
  • Read 1 book
  • Write 6 blog posts
  • Visit at least 3 other blogs
  • Read at least 7 thesis articles
  • Draw world map
  • Compile/organise inspiration images for Taneka/Carithno
  • Compile/organise inspiration images for major characters

It seems like a lot now, but I’m going to remain confident and motivated for as long as possible.  Hopefully by including my Honours goals in ROW I’ll at least have something positive to report each week and will also hopefully remain enthusiastic about it!




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