WIPpet Thursday: I’m Back

That’s right WIPpeteers and other bloggers alike, I have returned.


I have undoubtedly a teaser for you today as a way to welcome myself back into the world of WIPpets.  I’ve been thinking a lot about little changes to the plot of Rebellion (for more of that, see today’s other blog post), so hopefully there should be lots of juicy new WIPpets in the future!

WIPpet math is 30-6+1 = 25 (the one comes from the fact I’ve been away for so long, and also I need it for the line to work).  No context, but in my mind this would be the little quote from the book that appears above the blurb on the back cover.

“There are many ways to kill a King, and many more who would try their luck at it.  You must be the one to succeed.”


4 thoughts on “WIPpet Thursday: I’m Back

  1. Many ways to skin a cat too (though why anyone would want to actually DO that, I can’t even imagine).

    Don’t think you should capitalize “king” here though. You’re not using it as a name, just a descriptive noun

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